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  • 13-Aug-2012
    At the 71st AGM a final dividend of 25% (0.25p per share) was declared by the shareholder with a special dividend of 50% (0.50p per share) was also declared to commemorate the completion of 70th year of the company.
  • 06-Feb-2012
    The Board of Directors of the company has declared a Third Interim Dividend at Rs.0.25 per share (25 % on the paid up equity share capital of the company).
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Community Initiatives
The Right Technology
KCP is equipped with a State-of-the-art cement manufacturing plant at Macherla, Andhra Pradesh. Etiquettes of latest technology characterize all operations at KCP’s Macherla plant. India’s first Dry Process Kiln was installed here in 1958 by HUMBOLDT, Germany even while it was still a prototype in Europe. In 1962 KCP installed a second Wet Process Kiln in collaboration with FIVES LILLE CAIL, France.

Today, KCP is a technology infused plant with a World Bank funded outlay of Rs.367 million. KCP incorporates the latest technology such as the energy-efficient Dry Process, with a two support Kiln and a 5 stage pre-heater with flash calciner. KCP also slots in a sophisticated centralized process control system with ALLEN BRADELY hardware with Software of FLS AUTOMATION, Chennai. Acknowledged by cement experts as the finest quality premium cement, KCP Cement has been a “vital” in the construction of critical projects in India. The Plant now has an enhanced production capacity of over 660000 tonnes per annum.

KCP installed a “Power Generation Plant” of capacity 2.3 MW through steam power cycle by utilizing the waste fuel gases, which are exhausted from the pre-heater and cooler chimneys. In doing so KCP practices “Cleaner Production Technologies and Climate Change Mitigation Measures” at Cement Production Unit, Macherla.