KCP has been in the cement manufacturing industry for over 60+ years with plants in Macherla & Muktyala in the state of Andhra Pradesh. These areas have captive supply of high grade limestone and produce 4.32 million tons of the finest quality cement annually.

Macherla Cement Plant

The Cement division of KCP began in 1958 as a half million tonne capacity, state-of-the-art cement manufacturing facility in Macherla, Andhra Pradesh. It is South India’s 1st dry process kiln with technology from KHD Humboldt, Germany. From the annual capacity of 200 tonnes, we gradually expanded and modernized to an annual capacity of 0.8 million tonnes with additional technology from Fives lille, France and later FLSmidth, Denmark(Fuller, USA). In 1999, an 8.25 MW Hydel Power Plant was set up on the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam right canal to generate clean & sustainable power, and our greatest achievement in cement technology has been the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam.

With Strong emphasis on new technology characterizing all operations at the Macherla plant, we facilitated India’s first dry process kiln of 400 TPD, an installation by Humboldt, Germany, in 1958. In 1962, we surpassed this by installing a 600 TPD wet process kiln in collaboration with Fives Lille Cail France.

Today, our 100% modernized cement plant has a World Bank funded outlay of 36.7 crores and incorporates the latest advancements in technology, such as an energy-efficient dry process with two support kilns, and a five-stage preheater with a flash calciner. The plant at Macherla also incorporates a sophisticated centralized process system using hardware and software from Siemens, Germany. With innovation to help enhance productivity, the company periodically changes, replaces and improves machinery to keep abreast of the ever-evolving world.

Muktyala Cement Plant

The KCP Limited, one of the country’s oldest cement producers, has a strong presence in the South Indian market. KCP strategically chose this Greenfield plant located at Ramakrishnapuram, Muktyala Village, Jaggyapet Mandal in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh because of its close to large limestone reserves and providing easy access to the key markets of Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Orissa. KHD Humboldt, Germany designed an energy-efficient plant that could deliver an annual capacity of 1.55 million tonnes of Clinker and 1.86 million tonnes of Cement. In 2019, this plant’s capacity was expanded to 3.52 million tonnes per annum by addition of a separate line of operation.
This plant was designed by the KCP Team by aiming to minimize material transportation and commence complete auto operation from CCR without men and feeding equipment in the field.

Major Equipment Installed

  • Hazemag Limestone Crusher: Capacity 1100 TPH
  • Takraf Stacter & Reclaimer: Capacity 850 TPH
  • MPS 4500B Gebr Pfeiffer, Germany Raw Mill: Capacity 350 TPH
  • CF Blending Silo 20m Diameter x 45m High: Capacity 15000 MT
  • MPS 2800BK Gebr Pfeiffer, Germany Coal Mill: Capacity 60 TPH
  • KHD Humboldt, Germany
  • ILC 6-stage preheater with pre-calciner
  • 63-support rotary kiln 4.20m diameter x 64m long capacity: 4700 TPD
  • PSC Cooler with cooling area of 91 Sq Mts
  • Two Cement Mills 2 x 1850 KW each main motor: Capacity 2×120 TPH
  • FLS 2 x 16 Spots 240 TPH capacity double discharge packers

Reduced Noise Level

There has been a strong focus on reducing the noise level on the plant, and that is why silencers and noise enclosures have been provided for all noisy equipment. Along with traditional noise-abating solutions, many new and unique ones  have been  implemented  in the project. One of them is for the kiln shell cooling fans, which are among the noisest pieces of equipment. For the first time in India a stack of centrifugal fans with noise enclosures have been used for kiln shell cooling.

Aiming at Low Emission

Taking future pollution control standards into account, the main process bag filters and nuisance bag filters were designed for an extremely low emission level of <30 mg/Nm3, the lowest level of emissions in any Indian cement plant.

Fuzzy Logic Operation

KCP installed superior, modern state-of-the-art process control instrumentation and Fuzzy Logic Operations for the smooth functioning of the plant to maintain consistent quality.

Most Modern Laboratories

The plant is one of the most modern of its kind in India, featuring FLSmidth, Denmark supplied automation and plant instrumentation and a fully automated robotic lab facility capable of sampling and sample transportation, preparation and analysis. As a result of this focus on quality, KCP cement specifications exceed those set by BIS, SLS, ASTM by a wide margin. Today, KCP Unit-II has strict supervision and quality control at every stage in production and packing.

Special Features

  • Availability of huge reserves of high grade limestone
  • Minimum waste rock generation(< 5%) in mines
  • Limestone mine is within 1km from the plant
  • Operations with no man power regarding limestone stacker and reclaimer
  • 97% efficiency pre-heater
  • Lowest power (43 KWh/MT Clinker) and coal consumption (690 KCal/Kg Clinker)
  • Plant operation with minimum man power
  • Lowest maintenance cost
  • Auto Cement despatch system


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