“KCP stands for Quality, Commitment and Continual improvement in manufacturing of critical equipment. KCP’s support during executing has also been valuable to us. The team is quite competitive, knowledgeable, and interactive. Interaction especially with Mr. V. Gandhi, Technical Director, has been very enriching in terms of experience and improvement with respect to manufacturing and commitment.”

Mr. Ashok Kumar Dembla
Customer - Humboldt Wedag India Private Limited

“My association with KCP started ever since I was born. When my grandfather sold the Co-operative Sugar Factory to KCP; he subsequently became the Director of KCP. KCP was the only company in India to continuously provide dividend for all 50 years. It is also one of the 3 rd highest bonus capitalized company in India. It grew 67 times. One share became 67 shares. We were all given bonuses. KCP is a classic example of a company’s growth.”

Mr. S. V. Narasimha Rao
Shareholder - Beardsell Limited

“My association with the KCP started on 23rd May, 1963 as an employee. In the year 1982, I started En Tech Consultancy Bureau. I should say that the Genius of En Tech is from KCP. Now, I am a vendor of KCP. I would have done more than 100 jobs for them and I truly believe in servicing the same customers repeatedly. I am proud that 70 percent of business comes from KCP.”

Mr. Balachander
Vendor - En Tech Consultancy Bureau
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