Vaastu for Better Life

  • The ideal plot must be on a lower level on the North Eastern side and on a higher level on the South Western side.
  • There must be a slope that lowers from the Southern & Western side towards the Northern & Eastern side.
  • In case there is a cross in the boundaries, that must be separated by a low wall and the crossed place must be utilized for gardening.
  • The main power connection must be towards the South Eastern (Aagneyam) corner.
  • Used water must flow towards the North Eastern corner.
  • The kitchen area must be in the South Eastern (Agnaeyam) corner.
  • The slant of the roof must be towards the Northern or Eastern side.
  • An increase in vacant land in the North Eastern corner, Northern and Eastern sides is an ideal proposition.
  • The construction must have an adequate number of windows for ventilation purposes that should allow the free inflow of air and sunlight.
  • Care must be taken to allow more vacant space on the Northern & Eastern sides than the Southern & Western sides.
  • Toilets can be constructed in the South East (Aagneyam), South West (Nairuthi) or in the West North (Vayavya) corners.
  • Never build toilets in the North Eastern ( Esanyam ) corner.
  • When constructing a verandah on the Southern side, the roof must slant towards the Northern side.
  • When constructing a verandah on the West side, the roof must slant towards the Eastern side.
  • Two windows on either side of the main door is an ideal proposition.
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