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Dr. V.L. Dutt

Dr. V. L. Dutt Executive Chairman

“Infrastructure, public health, education and character are the four pillars that constitute the strength of a nation, a community and a society.”

Chartering New Seas in Nation Building

The KCP Group’s growth trajectory over the past 78 years stems from its focus on infrastructure development using cutting-edge technology and adopting the latest global processes and trends. Combined with our ardent fervor for upgrading human capital and environment conservation, we strive to enhance our contribution toward nation building.

KCP was started as a small cooperative sugar plant in 1941 by my father Sri. Velagapudi Ramakrishna, an Indian Civil Service (ICS) officer, a pioneering industrialist and philanthropist. Inspired by the foundations of its rich ethos and technological foresight the group struck new grounds, establishing companies involved in a wide gamut of operations including cement production, heavy engineering, hydel power, sugar plants, IT, food processing and investments.

We have always endeavored to be a forerunner in all the ventures we have undertaken. KCP is one of India’s oldest producer of High Grade Cement and our Macherla Cement Plant is South India’s first dry process Kiln. Our fervor to adopt the latest technologies and best practices in all our companies, and at the same time our mindfulness about the impact of our operations on the environment and communities in the vicinity have impelled us to establish our greenfield Muktyala Cement Plant, which is one of India’s most modern, highly automated, cost efficient and eco-friendly plant.

To sustain the profitability of operations in cement, KCP has been focusing not only on output volume but also on product quality, plant efficiency and process optimization. KCP is a pioneer in introducing highly automated robotic technology for quality testing of the product in our cement factories.

That we are surging ahead in the right direction has been established by the innumerable honors and recognition we have received time and again. Our enthusiasm to scale greater heights has been fanned further by the CII 19th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2018 for lowest specific electrical energy consumption, cement production as against industrial average and also lowest specific heat consumption clinker production as against industrial average. Another feather in the cap for KCP Cement Unit- 2 is the prestigious Manufacturing Today “Excellence in Sustainability Award 2019” for ‘Significant Continual improvement and sustaining of the business by Energy Conservation.

KCP’s Ultimate goal is to achieve the status of “Greenest Cement Plant” among all Cement Units in India and Be the role model

KCP is also a pioneer in developing the sugar industry in Vietnam since 1990’s. I am extremely honored and deeply humbled to have receive the Medal of Friendship Award from the President of S.R. Vietnam for KCP’s positive contributions to development of socio-economy of Phu Yen Province and strengthening the partnership between India and Vietnam.

Our Heavy Engineering Company has become synonymous with uncompromising commitment to quality and delivery in the manufacture of heavy equipment for several strategic industries in the country. We have also tactfully forayed into the power sector and recently, into the hospitality industry which has already created a ripple in the market for its excellence in service and operations.


At a time when the world is wrestling with problems like climate change and socioeconomic inequities, we, as responsible corporate citizens should play our part in shaping favorable outcomes by aligning the interests of the organization with those of all our stakeholders including communities in the vicinity of our facilities through our sustainability initiatives and safety measures.

For KCP, sustainability is not only a culture but also a way of life. Inclusive growth and development of human resources for the benefit of all have been our motto. Our CSR initiatives have not been confined only to providing a safe, secure and environment-friendly society, but we have been deeply committed to the causes of social uplifting. Our efforts in this direction have been focused on healthcare, infrastructure, environment, social, cultural and educational initiatives that have enabled us to play an active role in the empowerment of communities.

Smt. V.L. Indira Dutt

Dr. V.L. Indira Dutt Managing Director

“Through industriousness, hard work, team spirit and by embracing advanced technologies and best practices, we believe we can touch many lives across the nation and the world, taking an enriched and empowered team along with us to nurture and realize our organizational goals. “

Transforming lives through industry, community building and enriching human resources

It is our aim to establish a synergy between industry, community and people that impelled KCP Limited to attain the coveted position as one of the highest bonus capitalized companies in India with over 98% of the capital credited through bonus issues. The company has an enviable record of declaring dividend during all its 78 years of existence.

We have been able to enhance the quality and quantity of cement production manifold through upgrading of technology and implementation of strict quality control measures, maintenance of high standards of environment safety and pollution control as well as strong HRD and employee welfare measures. Not only was our Macherla Plant the first to receive ISO 9002 Certification but it also received the “Best Industrial Productivity Award-Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Silver Rolling Trophy of FAPCCI.”

Aimed at a quantum increase in gross revenue and net profits, our Muktyala Cement Plant is an energy efficient plant of international standards and was commissioned in a record time of 18 months, reaching the rated capacity in just ten days. A world-class plant, it features a fully computerized and automated Robot lab facility and is one of the most cost effective and reliable plants ever commissioned in India.

KCP received the CII-“Excellence in Energy Management Award 2019” for ‘Significant Achievement in energy savings in cement unit-2. This is the 6th consecutive year that KCP Cement Unit -2 has received this prestigious award, underlining the company’s strong commitment towards energy saving practices in cement manufacturing. KCP was awarded under category A which comprises companies with a turnover of more than Rs 1,000 crore.

It is our quest for quality and perfection that enabled our Heavy Engineering Unit to garner the prestigious ISO 9001 & ASME accreditations. Through our ISO 9001-2000 certified company, KCP Vietnam Industries Ltd., we stand testimony to the fact that enterprises can function profitably with the involvement of the local farming communities and uplift their socio-economic conditions.

KCP believes in being environmentally conscious and protecting its surroundings. KCP’s ultimate goal is to achieve the status as the group with the Greenest Cement Plants among all cement units in India with a long- term commitment of being environmentally responsible.

The Human Face of KCP

Through our many trusts and foundations we focus on the welfare of employees of the units through institution of schools, polytechnics and kids’ patashala in the factory areas that benefit the community at large and the children of the employees. The values that were bequeathed to us as a legacy have impelled us to initiate several community welfare measures ranging from education to provision of drinking water, sanitation facilities, medical facilities etc. With the same fervor I have taken it upon myself to make a difference in the lives of women, children, the differently -abled as well as the downtrodden.

Personally too, it has given me great satisfaction to have held positions that have steered me toward launching several initiatives, enabling me to be instrumental in promoting entrepreneurship and managerial excellence among women.

Our expedition to excellence is a continuous effort with all our team members as partners in our quest for success in all our ventures.

Smt. Kavitha Dutt

Smt. V. Kavitha DuttJoint Managing Director

“Innovation, adaptability to change and dynamism are essential ingredients of success in a world unified by technology and exchange of intellectual and human resources. Creating an ambience of equality and empowerment will help our teams flourish and facilitate our journey towards attainment of organizational goals.”

Sustained Success through Innovation, Cooperation and Continual Growth

For any organization or a group of companies to grow, it is essential to adapt to the rapidly changing global scenario, embrace the most advanced technologies, innovate and hold hands with our peers to achieve the greater goals of success and evolution.

I consider it my responsibility to uphold our group’s organizational culture and traditions that stem from a strong foundation of value-orientation, humanitarianism and relentless pursuit of success through perfection and continual growth. If one combines innovation and the astuteness to adapt to the constant state of flux that is characteristic of today’s global industrial environment, success at every step will not be a distant dream.

The vagaries of economy have not dithered our commitment to move ahead in the competitive industrial ambience. We have commissioned in February 2019, the brown field expansion of cement plant at our Muktyala site. Facilities like packing plant, fly ash silo are expected to be commissioned soon.

Taking advantage of the favorable ambience in the hospitality industry, and great future prospects, our foray in this industry through KCP’s Mercure Hotel at Hyderabad is witnessing progress with improving occupancy levels that rose from 48% in 2019-2018 to 54% in 2018-19 and increasing revenue from Food & Beverages (F&B) which registered a growth of 17% in the FY 2018.

Know Your People

The world is moving toward greater equality and empowerment of people and the creation of a discrimination-free environment for all. KCPeers, the new concept we initiated has led to the empowerment of all employees of the KCP Group, elevating the status of the labor force to that of managers. The newfound camaraderie among our employees, whom we address as our team members, has had a huge hand in the successes which our group companies have achieved. Coupled with innovation in operations, practices and team management, a forward-looking approach with a global perspective our endeavors have all resulted in positioning the KCP Group on par with groups that follow global best practices in pursuit of success.

At KCP, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a business model that has been adopted since inception. Our focus areas for CSR activities have been broadly health, education, infrastructure development, environment protection, women empowerment and employment enhancement through skill development programmes.

Given the new aura of hope and optimism both within the group and in the nation that arise from the government’s new initiatives to foster growth of manufacturing industries, the KCP Group will strive for excellence in every sphere that we have embraced.

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