Sugar & Power EPC

Sugar & Power EPC

FIVES CAIL – KCP Limited (FC-KCP) is a joint venture between The KCP Limited, India & Fives Group of France setup in 1996 to provide turnkey sugar plants, co-generation and incinerator of effluent from molasses based distilleries. We design, manufacture, supply, install, commission and we provide customer support in all our installations.

With strong project implementation skills, we implement turnkey installations for our customers in India and abroad. FC–KCP’s markets include Asia (including South East Asia), Africa and South America.

Energy efficiency is the focus in all products. In-line Shredder ensures higher preparation of cane mat and being a single equipment, it saves on energy. MillMax – the Two Roller Mill extracts more sugar with 20% less energy as compared to conventional mills. Short Retention Time Clarifiers, Vertical Crystallizers, Falling Film Evaporators, Continuous Vacuum Pans, helps in reducing steam consumption. Batch and Continuous Centrifugals consume less energy to produce finer output of sugar. In short, the entire process of sugar extraction is made more economical and hence viable. This is the outcome of years of in house R & D. Similarly, in utilities for Sugar, boilers play a vital role and hence need to be efficient in fuel consumption and power generation.

FC–KCP has some of the most optimized designed High Pressure Boilers with a complete travelling grate mechanism. Turnkey Installations include 150 TCH boilers of 110 ATA pressure. Enhanced design is available for 125 ATA range pressure boilers as well.

FC–KCP has a state of art designed Incinerator Boiler using effluent from molasses based distilleries. This is a unique design currently in use in the market that does not require frequent cleaning. This is based on mature technology which produces Zero Discharge of toxic effluents.

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